Meet the Team

Individuals can and do make a difference, but it takes a team to really mess things up!


Adam Armstrong

Founder and Lead Developer

Adam is a veteran of the British service provider and telecommunications industry having spent more than a decade building and rebuilding networks around the UK.

He founded the Observium project as a network engineer in 2007 out of frustration at the lack of effective network monitoring platforms available and to provide a platform fellow network engineers would want to use. Over a decade later he's still trying to build the most intuitive NMS around.

Mike Stupalov

Developer and Committer

Mike has a degree in astrophysics and worked in the Special Astrophysical Observatory of Russia's North Caucasus as an astrophysicist until 2005 when he made the switch to telecommunications and never looked back. He previously served as CIO of a major telecommunications company in Russia.

Mike has been involved in Observium development since 2012 and chose Observium because he was disappointed in other similar products. Now located on the Mediterranean shores of Turkey, he is currently focused on improving the quality of the codebase and expanding existing features.



Tom Laermans

Developer and Committer

Tom likes McDonalds, Lego, Alfa Romeos and avoiding writing introductions like these.

Tom has been involved with Observium development since 2010. Amongst other things, Tom is responsible for much of the power, environmental and sensor handling infrastructure in Observium. He also maintains many of the "enterprise"-centric features, such as LDAP authentication and printer monitoring.

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