Device Support Matrix

Observium supports a wide range of devices and operating systems offering autodiscovery encompassing both standard and private MIBs. Over 406 separate OS types are currently supported.

Along with support for a multitude of standardised MIBs, support is also provided for the Alcatel AIP, Cisco CDP, Foundry FDP and LLDP discovery protocols, vendor-specific extensions to BGP4-MIB from Cisco, Force 10 and Juniper, vendor-specific MAC accounting from Cisco and Juniper and extended vendor-specific statistics collection for various load balancers, wireless access points and enterprise storage systems.

Network Infrastructure

This category includes traditional networking equipment including routers and switches. Many of these devices support standardised MIBs for the collection of system and network statistics.

Observium has the capability to collect configuration and statistics for many networking services and protocols from compatible devices including the routing protocols BGP, OSPF, network health monitoring protocols such as Cisco's IP-SLA as well as many industry-standard technologies including VLANs, VRFs, Pseudowires, MAC-based traffic accounting and several vendor-specific and standardised discovery protocols.

Security and Network Control Devices

This category includes firewalls, load balancers, proxy servers, antivirus appliances, VPN concentrators, IDS devices and other security-related network applicances. In many instances Observium includes support for collection of platform-specific metrics from these devices, including session and connection numbers and load balancer configuration and statistics.

Wireless Infrastructure

This category includes WiFi access points and controllers as well as licensed and unlicensed fixed point to point wireless devices. Observium often provides support for the collection of specialised wireless metrics from these devices, such as transmit and received power levels, signal to noise ratios and link capacity.

Servers, Appliances and Workstations

This category of devices is well served in Observium, with a specialised agent being available to enhance data collection from Linux-based systems as well as IPMI and libvirt support to collect additional physical hardware and virtualised server information.

Storage Infrastructure

Storage device support in Observium ranges from consumer-level NAS devices to enterprise-level Big Data SAN storage systems. On select platforms Observium is able to collect in depth statistics about the the devices, including sensors, status indicators and drive health warnings.

Voice and Communications Infrastructure

UPS and Power Distribution

The category of UPS and power distribution covers devices from many major global vendors and many regional vendors. Support is available for collection of most power-related metrics such as voltage, frequency, current, system temperatures and battery health as well as generic status indicators.

Out of Band Management and Remote Access

Support for several OOB and remote access platforms from a number of vendors is included in Observium.

Environmental Monitoring and Sensor Platforms

Observium includes extensive support for environmental monitoring and sensor platforms covering diverse sensor types including air flow, voltage, temperature and humidity.

Printers and Print Servers

Observium supports the majority of major printer and print servers.

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