IRC Bot#


The IRC bot is currently very basic. It can list devices and give basic information for a device or a port.

Feel free to hack more features into it and contribute them back!


Set these config options in

$config['irc_host'] = "";
$config['irc_port'] = 6667;
$config['irc_nick'] = "Observium";
$config['irc_chan'][] = "#observium";

Run the client as a non-root user:

 php irc.php


Device Info:

<you> !device
<bot> id101 ios 12.2(33)SXH4 ADVENTERPRISEK9_WAN Up 263 days, 3h 45m 11s

Port statistics:

<you> !port gigabitethernet5/1
<bot> id101 up/up 392.63Mbps > bps > 31.39Mbps | 14.8kpps > PPS > 152.32kpps